Quartz Surface Manufacturing Proces
YDL natural quartz stone have many series, the natural veins presents a high-grade atmosphere decorative effect due to its natural texture, rich and diverse. Together with YDL to create your wonder customized colors.

6. Comprehensive quality testing

Each piece of slab needs to be inspected through our final quality check to make sure our customer receive the best products.

Manufacturing process 

YDL Quartz Stone are manufactured through a highly automated, strictly monitored process that includes the following:

5. Polishing

The slabs then are entered to our polishing machine. This process is not only to achieve the different surface gloss, but also show the texture perfectly.

7. Labeling

Each slab is then marked some relevant information.

3. Vacuum to suppress

The slabs are then compacted by a special vacuum and vibration process in order to squeeze the air out to achieve the effect of non-porous.

4. High temperature curing

After forming to the slab, it needs to be moved to the curing kiln and heated which will improve the flexural strength and toughness of the quartz stone.

1. Feeding & Mixing

To ensure the quality of products, the quality control of raw materials is very important After inspected and weighted, the raw materials are put into the automatic mixing system and blended together.

2. Fabric

The materials are poured into auto-fabric machine according to plate thickness and formed to slabs by the mold.

Purified Natural Stone
Environmental Protection Materials
High Hardness
High Temperature Resistance
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